The Impact of Infrastructure Projects on Property Values in Queensland

Infrastructure projects have a profound impact on property values and investment potential, shaping the future of Queensland’s real estate market. Let’s explore how current and upcoming projects are influencing property values and what this means for investors and homeowners.

Current Infrastructure Projects Driving Property Value Growth

Cross River Rail

The Cross River Rail project is transforming Brisbane’s transport network. This 10.2 km rail line, including a 5.9 km tunnel under the Brisbane River and CBD, is making commuting easier and faster. Suburbs like Woolloongabba and Dutton Park are seeing a surge in property values due to improved access and reduced congestion.

Brisbane Metro

The Brisbane Metro project aims to enhance public transport efficiency. With its completion, areas such as Herston and Kelvin Grove are becoming more attractive to buyers and investors. The improved network is driving up property values in these suburbs, making them hot spots for real estate activity.

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane

The Queen’s Wharf project is a $3.6 billion development that will rejuvenate Brisbane’s CBD with new hotels, retail spaces, and public areas. The influx of tourists and job creation is boosting property values in nearby areas. Investors are particularly interested in the rental yields and capital growth potential around this development.

Upcoming Projects and Their Potential Impact

Inland Rail

The Inland Rail project, connecting Melbourne and Brisbane via regional Queensland, is set to revolutionize freight transport. Towns along the route, such as Toowoomba and Gatton, are poised for growth. The improved logistics network is likely to attract businesses and drive up property values in these areas.

Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion

The expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport aims to accommodate international flights and boost tourism. Increased connectivity is making the region more attractive to both tourists and residents. Suburbs like Marcoola and Mudjimba are seeing a rise in property interest, with expectations of further growth once the project is completed.

Gold Coast Light Rail Extension

The extension of the Gold Coast Light Rail to Burleigh Heads and eventually to Coolangatta is set to enhance the connectivity of the Gold Coast. This project is expected to ease traffic and provide a reliable public transport option. Property values along the extended route, including suburbs like Miami and Palm Beach, are anticipated to rise due to improved accessibility.

Investment Opportunities

Investors should keep a close eye on these infrastructure projects. Properties in suburbs benefiting from new transport links, improved amenities, and increased economic activity are likely to see strong capital growth and rental yields. Investing early in these areas can provide significant returns as these projects are completed and their full impact on property values is realized.


Infrastructure projects are key to shaping the property market in Queensland. From enhancing connectivity to boosting local economies, these developments drive property value growth and investment potential. By staying informed about current and upcoming projects, property buyers and investors can make strategic decisions to capitalize on the opportunities presented by Queensland’s dynamic infrastructure landscape.