Our Five-Step Process

Step 1

Market Research

Creating the perfect purchasing strategy is an integral part of our process. Taking into account your budget, your desires and our market knowledge, we curate a strategy that helps us achieve your property goals. Whether your aim is to find your new home, or to invest, we do our best to stay one step ahead of the market.

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Step 2

Searching & Sourcing

Our searching process extends beyond properties listed online – in fact, 60% of the properties that we have purchased this financial year have been off-market purchases. We are in regular contact with real estate agents in the area to uncover properties before they have the chance to get to market.

Step 3

Evaluation & Due Diligence

Finding a property that looks good on paper is just the beginning. We undertake the comprehensive background research necessary to ensure that your property comes with no hidden surprises–such as flooding or easements. This includes inspecting the property on your behalf and giving honest feedback on the condition and potential of the property, presenting you with facts and research that speaks for itself.

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Step 4

Negotiations & Settlement

To get the best result possible, our agents get the inside scoop. Why is the owner selling? What is their motivation? This helps us negotiate not only based on budget but also gain a deeper insight into the ins and outs of the situation to increase our buying power. If necessary, we will also represent you at auction so that you can have a cool, calm and collected professional on your team.

Having us on your side means no deadlines are missed. We maintain contact throughout the course of the purchase with your solicitor and finance broker to make the process as seamless as possible. We arrange and attend the building and pest inspections and conduct a pre-settlement inspection to make sure all is in order prior to the final handover. If you are an investor, we can also help to organise your property management team.

Step 5


Congratulations! You’ve just bought a property. Time to pop the champagne! Whether this is an investment property or your home, you have just taken a huge step. That is something worthy of a celebration!
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