Why Do We Choose To Live Where We Live

Why Do We Choose To Live Where We Live — Quantum Buyers Agents Property In Bowen Hills, QLD

Why do we choose to live where we live?   Do we choose based on the number of parks, cafes, services or public transport options?  In most cases yes, these are important considerations but alongside them, often dictating where the search is to be focused, is “the catchment”. Brisbanites love to talk about the school they went to and the school their kids are going to.  Schools are a big deal here.  Buying a house in the right public school catchment is top of the list for many families looking to relocate within Brisbane or move to our beautiful city. 

Those local to Brisbane would have seen the news stories of hopeful parents who leave the comfort of their homes to camp overnight, often two nights, to lodge that all important out of catchment application.  Will little Billy be one of the lucky few to receive an out of catchment offer?  The harsh reality is, these days it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain entry into a public school of your choice if your house doesn’t lie within the all important catchment boundary. 

So how do you find out more about Brisbane’s public schools and the catchments they are in?  www.bettereducation.com.au ranks schools based on academic performance and if this is important to you when shortlisting a school, it’s a good place to start.  

https://www.qgso.qld.gov.au/maps/edmap/ will provide you the catchment boundaries.  This is another user friendly website that allows you to search both Primary and Secondary School catchment areas. 

Regardless of which public school you choose, the competition for in-catchment properties can be fierce.   At Quantum we know property.  Our process removes the stress out of buying a property.    Let our professionals move the house hunting process forward for you while you get on with your busy life.